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Meet Stanalei Fletcher, Author of Beyond Duty: Northstar Security, Book Three

RW:    Has your life changed since you became a writer?
SF:   I’m not sure if my life has changed much since becoming a writer. It seems like writing or making up stories is something I’ve always enjoyed. But since becoming a published author, my life has become much fuller and richer. Besides crafting stories, I fill up my empty hours with all things related to writing and publishing, such as promotions, blogs, and scheduled meetings with other authors in my local writing chapter. Some days it seems I’m constantly on one project or another. I love being busy, and that means I treasure those rare quiet moments even more when they appear.

RW:    How does reader feedback matter to you?
SF:   Reader feedback is critical to my writing process. Whether it’s from my critique partners, beta readers, writing contests, or fan reviews, I balance the good and the critical, and search out gems that allow me to see my story through another’s eyes. When a reader comments on something that affected them, it helps me better understand my responsibility to my audience. I want to continue to improve my craft to produce the best story and entertainment I can.

RW:    Where do you hope to be five years from now?

SF:    Five years from now, I hope I’m still writing and still offering stories that my readers love.

RW:    What kind of research do you do for a book?
SF:     I do all sorts of research for my books, from our friend, (and sometimes foe), the Internet, to on-location, if I can. I have bookshelves with all sorts of topics, and I pull ideas from the news. If I’m delving deeply into the tech world, I want to be certain of my facts. I work hard to keep all that research on the fringes of the story. It can be boring, or even cumbersome, for readers who want to journey with the characters to find themselves in the middle of an info dump. When I can provide the information needed to advance the story within the character’s scene or dialog with just a few well-chosen words, I feel like I’ve hit the lottery!

RW:    Do you feel humor is important in fiction and why?
SF:    I love humor in fiction and in real life. I love to laugh and always try to find the lighter side of life. In fiction, I think humor brings out the poignant moments with greater clarity and allows the characters to grow. That said, please note that I don’t write humor. I believe writing humor should be left in the hands of those truly gifted writers who can pull it off.

RW:   If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
SF:    I would love to live a rural area, where the nearest neighbor is a few acres, if not a few miles away. I’d love to be in the foothills of a mountain range, surrounded by pine trees and aspen. But I don’t think I’d survive well without my cable, so that would need to be part of the package, as well.

RW:   If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
SF:    My warning label would be:Obsessive Worrier.” Which is probably why I love humor so much. It allows me to bury my “worry wart”.

RW:  After you've written your book and it's been published, do you ever buy it and/or read it?
SF:     I do buy my books after they are published. I confirm a few different e-book formats to make sure they are correct. I also have hard copies for book signings and giveaways. I’ve always intended to read through a purchased copied, but have yet to do it. I suspect I’m ready to keep working on the next story and not go backward to the older stories.

RW:   What is the single-most important part of writing for you?
SF:    Actual writing, crafting the story, and filling that blank page. Without starting, you cannot finish.

RW:   What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work?
SF:    I would love my readers to take a sense of satisfaction, of time well-spent after reading my work. I would love for them to see that second chances are important, and flaws can be overcome on the way to growing stronger.

RW:   Thanks so much for visiting today. I’m down to just a few books to review, so I’ll be grabbing this one as soon as it comes out, although by then it probably won’t show up on Roses & Thorns until early next year. I always seem to be posting a few months ahead of my reading.

Beyond Duty: Northstar Security Series, Book Three [Releases 10/12/16]

The Plot:

Northstar Security agent, Riley O’Neal, balks at posing as anyone’s husband for an assignment. Nevertheless, to rescue the kidnapped wife of a U.S. Senator, he’ll perform his duty and do his best to resist the charms of the very woman who deceived him on a previous mission.

U.S. Army Lt. Mary “Chip” Anderson is uneasy about the undercover assignment to pose as newlyweds. Concealing her attraction to Riley while staying focused on the task, may be the biggest challenge. Despite efforts to remain objective, enforced proximity ignites emotions and a desire to make the fake honeymoon real.

When Chip is kidnapped during a botched rescue attempt of the senator's wife, both women become pawns in the case that threatens the nation’s security. Riley must remain objective, save the women, and avert the threat. But after that, how can he convince Chip that she wants to wear his ring forever?

Your Bio:

Stanalei’s love of writing romance stems from reading favorites such as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Barbara Cartland, and Alistair MacLean. She has over twenty years of training in the martial arts and holds the rank of Sandan, a third-degree black belt, in Aikido.

After a taste of life on both U.S. coasts, she now resides near the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range with her hero, who just happens to be her best friend and husband. Together they enjoy backcountry dirt trails on a RZR, visiting our National Parks, or exploring museums and ghost towns.

Beyond Duty—Excerpt:

Riley felt immobilized by the significance of the gold glinting under the florescent lights. As though on cue, they both reached for the rings. When their hands collided, Chip snatched hers back and balled it into a fist.

He picked up the smaller ring first, and rolled the smooth metal between his fingers. He strode around the table and stopped in front of the petite lieutenant. She stood her ground.

Taking her left hand, he heard her draw a breath. His gaze locked onto the violent storm brewing inside her gray eyes. The temperature inside the room increased. His breathing matched the rise and fall of her chest as his ears filled with white noise.

Her slender hand trembled ever so slightly when he slipped the band onto her fourth finger. It fit perfectly. He stared into the dark pools of her eyes, like a man dying of thirst in the scorched desert. Uninvited, the timeless words from the marriage ceremony echoed through his head. “With this ring…”


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