Friday, July 31, 2015

“There’s Got to be a Morning After” or Does There? Rock Crazy The Morning After With a Bi-Polar Wife

The next morning, they reported for their flight to Rockton. They approached security for MSC, the Moon Shuttle Corporation, and Scott set Katie’s bag on the scale first. They had argued when she wanted to pack their wedding holo-cube. It would have put her over the weight limit, and she doubted that would make any difference. Well, okay, half a kilo. She thought fifty kilos was probably a ball-park figure. Scott didn’t know that she was over the weight limit. She’d snuck the holo-cube in after they weighed their luggage. She also snuck a holo-cube of each of their families into his bag.

“Welcome to MSC Flight 270.”

The attendant was a real person, not just a computer terminal. Katie supposed people traveling to Rockton got first-class treatment. The attendant looked at their Katie’s ticket and then at the weight read-out.

“You’re half a kilo over your weight limit,” she said.

Scott glared at Katie.

“Yes, well I’m sure the fine can’t be that large for half a kilo,” Katie replied. “We can afford it.”

“Katie…” Scott said.

“Anything over fifty kilos must be shipped as cargo, not luggage. We’ve already calculated the mass/weight for this flight. If you want to ship this as cargo, it’ll cost fifteen hundred credits, and we’ll hold it for…” She checked a schedule. “Friday, the fifteenth’s flight. All of our flights this week are at capacity.”

“Fifteen hundred credits for half a kilo!” Katie’s voice rose. “That’s a rip-off! It’s because you have a monopoly on the Moon run. I demand to see your supervisor.”

“Katie!” Scott’s voice echoed across the terminal. He lowered his voice to a deadly whisper. “I warned you not to over-pack.”

“If you want to lighten your luggage and ship something home, we have a kiosk right over there.”

The attendant indicated a repacking station. Scott grabbed their suitcases, and they left the line. When they got to the repacking station, he opened her suitcase and pulled out the offending holo-cube, his cheeks flushing.

“I am not giving up our wedding holo,” Katie said.

“No, but you’re giving up something.” He pulled out one of her vacuum bags—the one with the sweaters—and hesitated. For a minute, she thought he was going to toss the entire bag. She was fuming as Scott opened her carefully packed vac-bag and extracted a sweater. He left the holo-cube out, as well. She opened her mouth to say something, but his eyes were hard. The protest died before she even formed it.

He put the bag on the scale, and it was light enough. He sealed the vac-bag, then closed her suitcase and weighed his own. It was over by a kilo. He opened it and pulled out the holo-cubes of their parents. He didn’t say a word as he packed the offending items into a shipping box. She stood there mute as he addressed a label to his parents, paid the postage, and re-closed his bag. They went back to the counter and stood at the back of the line. It was quite long, and no-one joined the line behind them. They would be the last to board the shuttle.

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