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Tina Gayle, Author of Falling Leaves

RW:        How many hours a day do you spend writing?
TG         It can vary greatly depending on what else I’m trying to get done, such as publishing, promoting, other commitments, and inspiration. I usually work something around six to ten hours a day. Even on the weekend, I am checking email and doing other tasks.

RW:        What is the best thing about being a writer?
TG:         I don’t have to drive into work.

RW:        Why did you decide to write?
TG        We were moving across the country. At the time, I was working as a programmer and decided I wanted to try my hand at writing. My husband agreed because at the time I had two young boys who weren’t very excited about the move. I helped them adjust and wrote while they were in school.

RW:      When did you first think about writing and what prompted you to submit your first manuscript? What genre was it?
TG:       I first thought about writing in my teens but my mother insisted there was no money in it. After years of working, I decided to see if I could write a book. Once it was done I worked on editing it and then submitted it. Romance all the way, I read it in my teens and still love it today.

RW:        Do you feel humor is important in fiction and why?
TG:        I believe humor is very important in life and in fiction. Mainly, we need to see the light side of life so we can deal with the burdens we have to get through. Without being able to laugh, we would all be very sad.

RW:    Bubble baths or steamy showers? Ocean or mountains? Puppies or kittens? Chocolate or caramel?
TG:         Bubble baths, mountains, puppies, chocolate with caramel and nuts.

RW:        What song would best describe your life?
TG:         You Light Up My Life”—I try my best to inspire the people around me.

RW:      City life or country life? E-Book or paperback? Zebras or elephants?
TG:         Country life, paperbacks, & elephants.

RW:        What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels?
TG:       If you don’t have them, you are leaving out the important part of what makes a couple connect. After all, if a couple doesn’t feel the magic while making love then the relationship will never work.

RW:      What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?
TG:         Sharing my stories with the world.

RW:        Party life or quiet dinner for two?
TG:         Quiet dinner for two

RW:      What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work?
TG:         Hope and inspiration to reach for their dreams.

RW:        I love pizza with (fill in the blank).
TG:         Beer.

RW:      Those are all the questions I have for you today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Fallen Leaves

The Plot:

As autumn comes to the Winston estate in Ohio, Amber Harrison learns further lessons in her new position as keeper for the spirits and ghosts who haunt the estate—and further lessons in love, too. She and her love, Carter Miller, grapple with the fears and passions of new love, while caught up in the storm of ancient family drama.

This is the second book in the unfolding saga of the psychics and talents associated with the Winston estate, a sheltered place where past, present, and future are woven into a single dramatic tapestry of love and desire. The tale spans multiple generations, multiple eras, and offers something special for all ages of reader.

About Tina:

Tina Gayle loves writing and is currently working on finishing her Family Tree series, a contemporary paranormal suspense series.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling around the country. She hasn’t hit every state, but she hopes to someday. You might also catch her on the golf course with her husband of 30 years.

Also, you can read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website or download an exclusive story “My Future Step Brother” and join her special friend’s list. All on her website


“How long before you install the new cabinets?”

He turned on the ladder. His dark brown eyes captured her, engulfing her in an encompassing warmth. She melted under his heated gaze, which ran from the top of her head to the white socks on her feet. He lifted a brow at her attire, but he didn’t comment on her pink sweat suit.

“With the old cabinets out of the way, I need to knock down this wall and tear up the flooring. The electrical work is next on the agenda.” He climbed off the ladder, yanked off his gloves, and slid a hand through his thick, wavy hair.

“It might be awhile before we install the new cabinets. Right now, we’re simply working to remove the old stuff so we can start fresh.” He smiled, which didn’t hide the dark circles under his eyes or the fatigue in the slump of his shoulders.

“There’s no hurry. If you’re busy with something else, this can wait until your Dad and Mattie come home next week.”

“No, Dad doesn’t want her dealing with this mess.” Carter unbuckled his tool belt and placed it on a workbench. “I promised him I’d have it done.”

“Is Grant helping?” Amber stepped around several pieces of sheetrock and stray bits of wood, to the bottom of the stairs.

He walked to the backdoor. “Friday, his classes are over at noon.”

With his hand resting on the doorknob, he appeared anxious to leave. “I’m headed to lunch, and then I need to drop by the office for a while. Are you sure you’re okay here by yourself?”

Amber toyed with the idea of saying no. She missed the taste of his lips and the strength of his arms, but she nodded instead. “Yes, I’m fine.”

After opening the door, he paused. “I guess I’ll see you later.”

She waved and turned to head to her room, satisfied she’d at least gotten him to talk. Her leaden feet trudged up the steps. Unexcited, she contemplated her latest assignment from the family council. How could she achieve such an impossible task of convincing her great grandmother’s ghost to cross over?


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