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VIP Room Service (Other Related Duties #1) by Zenobia Renquist

** Interview **

RW:    How many hours a day do you spend writing?

ZR:     As many as I can, which is easy or hard depending on the day of the week. My routine is to get up, do morning stuff (wash my face, brush my teeth, get some food), and then get myself situated with a snack and some water so I can write until my hubby comes home from work. That’s my routine on a day when I have nothing else going on. Fridays and weekends tend to be lost causes just because the hubby gets home early or has the day off on Friday and he wants to spend time with me.

RW:    What is the best thing about being a writer?

ZR:     The best part about being a writer is seeing my imagination come to life on the page. I get so into a story while I’m writing it, that later down the line when I read it again I can hardly believe the words came from me. I’m my first fan, so writing is a way to feed my need to read more.

RW:    Why did you decide to write?

ZR:     Waaaaaay back before I knew what e-books were, when e-books were still new for the most part, I had a hard time finding black heroines in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genre or anywhere else in Romance-land for that matter. I wanted to read about black heroines being whisked away to far off lands by space pirates or being haunted by a ghost lover and so on. Taking it one step further, I wanted to see black heroines in interracial relationships because that is the life I am living. Not finding any, I decided I would write some.

RW:    How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

ZR:     I would say about one experience or personality trait per book. Everyone always says write what you know, so I do. I have dreadlocks so a few of my heroines do as well. Any wackiness with my health (and there’s been a lot in the last few years) ends up in a book so my heroine can suffer with it as well. If something even remotely interesting happens in my life, I find a way to include it in my stories.

RW:    If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

ZR:     Japan. Specifically Osaka, Japan. I visited there as a study abroad student in college and would love to go back. I love Japanese culture (I’m an anime/manga geek) and the food is amazing.

RW:    What is your secret guilty pleasure?

ZR:     The erotic side of Tumblr—from puppies to porn in five seconds. I heard that joke and laughed until I visited the site. They aren’t kidding. Do a single search with the adult filter off and you’ll go from cute little puppies to boobs in your face in no time flat.

RW:    How do you come up with story ideas?

ZR:     The majority of the time my ideas start with the main characters arguing. Some sound while I’m walking or a phrase in a TV show will spark off an argument in my head between two people. But I come in at the middle of the argument and have to figure out what it’s about, how it got started, and how to resolve it. From there the story grows.

RW:    After you've written your book and it's been published, do you ever buy it and/or read it?

ZR:     Yes and yes. I buy it just to see how it looks in Kindle, which is what I have. I read it but only after a few months. I have a rule of not reading my own stuff while it’s still new or else I’ll get obsessed with what I could have done differently. I would rather focus on the next book that needs finishing. But half a year later or so, I’ll be focused enough on a new story that I can read the published one and just be content with how it turned out. Well sort of. No artist is ever happy with the final product because there is always something that could have been improved.

VIP Room Service (Other Related Duties #1)

A hotel erotica tale hot enough to set the screen on fire.

She offers satisfaction above and beyond what is requested.

Lexie's job as a maid at a five-star hotel doesn't normally include the unique and risqué form of room service that rich guest Mr. Malena has requested, nor the generous tip he's offered. Submission and exhibition and a ménage. Lexie can't resist. What should have been a one-time thing turns into an introduction into the sensual world of customer satisfaction. This is one workplace encounter that could get her fired...or will it?

NOTE: Title previously published as Wine Service (Professional Courtesy 1).

Genre: Contemporary BDSM Erotica, MFM, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
Publisher: DZRB Books
Length: Novella—Approx. 83 Pages
ISBN: 9781634750004
Price: $2.99 99¢ - On Sale! (30 Aug - 26 Sep 2015)

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** Read an Excerpt **

She drew in a long gasping breath and then choked on it as someone knocked at the door.
“Room service.”
She widened her eyes, and her pleasure dropped to nil.
“Ah. Right on time.” Mr. Malena dialed off the vibrator, removed it, and set it aside. He called, “One moment.”
“What?” Lexie asked in a frantic whisper. She clutched at the comforter, debating if she should hide in the bathroom or under the bed. Had the server heard her? Had he recognized her voice?
She looked at her uniform draped over the back of the chair. He would know a housekeeper was with Mr. Malena. A housekeeper who was undressed with a wide variety of toys out in the open. No deductive reasoning was needed to figure out what was happening or who the housekeeper was.
Mr. Malena patted her belly. “Shhhh.” He held his finger to his lips. “Just relax.”
“I can’t relax,” Lexie whispered back. “He’ll see me.”
“No, he won’t.” He grinned. “Not your face, at any rate.” He urged her to lie back before draping a towel over her head. “There.”
“Shhhh. You don’t want him to recognize your voice, if you know him. So long as you stay still, he won’t see your face.”
“What about the rest of me? What about my uniform? And the cart outside?” Lexie could see her job ending. She should have known this was too good to be true.
“I’ll take care of it. Now hush.”
Clothing rustled. Lexie peeked under the towel in time to see Mr. Malena fold her uniform into one of the dresser drawers and close it. He slipped on a robe and then glanced back at her. She yanked the towel back down. She wanted to roll herself in the comforter. Wanted to and didn’t at the same time.
She only had to keep her face covered, and the server wouldn’t know who she was. The idea of letting a virtual stranger see her naked titillated her. Her clit throbbed and ached to be touched. She clutched at the towel and waited.
Mr. Malena opened the door. “Thank you, my good man. I am famished. This way.”
Lexie frowned. When had he ordered room service? Had he done it before she arrived and known it would get here while they were playing? He did seem less flustered by this turn of events than she was, as if he’d planned it.
The server asked, “Where do you want— Whoa!”
A long pause followed that exclamation. The server had seen her.

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** Bio **

Zenobia Renquist is the alter-ego of D. Renee Bagby. Call her Zen or Renee; she answers to both. Air Force brat turned Air Force wife, she was born in Europe, has lived in Japan and in several states of the US, including Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, California, Maryland and Hawaii.

She moved a lot in her younger years and remembers all too well being the new kid in fish-out-of-water situations. But those experiences only made her better able to adapt, as well instilling a love of travel, preferring road trips over flying.

Turning her favorite pastime into her career, Renee loves to build worlds and torture her characters for the enjoyment of her readers. She can’t fill every day with writing alone, and also enjoys watching anime, reading manga, crocheting, knitting (yarn and mail), and binging shows on Netflix. She’s a Whovian (David Tennant for the win!), a trekkie (DS9 because Odo rocked), and a fan of pretty much every Marvel live action movie and DCU animated movie.

She has a wacky imagination and tends to write all over the place. In order to keep up, she only asks one thing—Leave Your Reality Behind to Discover Different and Unique Romance & Erotica.

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