Sunday, January 06, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday, Rock Crazy

“To the Moon!” Katie

Scott came home early one night a couple of months later.
“Hey, Babe, how’d you like to go to the Moon?”
Katie was suspicious. “Why?”
“I’m working an outage up there, and I thought you’d like to come along.”
“Is this some ploy to get me to have that surgery?” she asked.
 “I’ll be gone a full six months, and I don’t wanna leave you here alone. Not as volatile as you’ve been, lately.”
“So you want me to go up there so you can baby-sit me? I’m surprised you’re not telling me I have to move in with one of my brothers if I don’t go.”
Scott was silent.

Okay, that was more than six sentences.  I trimmed it as much as I could to get the point across.


Katie McGowan is bi-polar, and she’s run the gamut of medications.  Everyone is telling her she should go to the Moon and have microchip surgery, but she’s afraid she’ll become an automaton.  In a last-ditch, tough love effort to force her to get the chip, her husband, Scott takes her to the Moon and divorces her when she decks him. Then she discovers she’s pregnant.  She can’t have the surgery or take her meds until after the baby’s born.

Scott is elated when he hears he’s going to be a father and naturally assumes Katie will take him back.  He always intended to take her back as soon she had the surgery.  He has no clue how badly he hurt her, how thoroughly he’s broken her trust—or that he may not get her back at all.

Length:  129 Pages
Price:  $5.50


  1. Yes, i think you got your point across in the six sentences. Good job!

  2. Actually, it's closer to ten sentences. I just couldn't trim it any further. ;-) But thanks, JQ.