Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sydney Turns One

It was just about love at first sight when my daughter, Elizabeth met Marshall.  She was really nervous when she met his daughters.  She told him if his kids didn’t like her, it was over—she wouldn’t come between them.  Elizabeth’s a sweetie and she didn’t have to worry.  The girls liked her instantly, and they practically adopted my granddaughter, Crystal as a kid sister, offering to take her shopping that week.

Sydney with Grandma Elizabeth

I didn’t see them very many more times before the one of his girls announced she was expecting.  She and the baby live with Elizabeth and Marshall, and Sydney Jean is the apple of everyone’s eye.  She turned one on December sixth, and we had a party for her at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They have a party room, and we pretty well filled it.

Sydney and Aunt Crystal

Sydney walked at ten months.  She says “mama” and “ba ba” while waving.  I’m allergic to metal, so I wear my watch on a fiber thread around my neck.  Sydney likes to play with it and everything goes in her mouth, so I put it inside my shirt when I pick her up.  She opens my shirt and digs it out.  Already!  She is so smart!  Yes—she has me wrapped around her pudgy little baby finger.  I just love it when she sees me and gives me her silly, scrunchy nose smile and toddles over with her hands up—even if I know she’s really after my watch.  Oh, I get a kiss out of heror at least onto her.  She does have a baby’s attention span, after all.  It is a delight to watch her play and learn.

Singing Happy Birthday

I never expected to have the next generation in my life so soon, but woo hoo!  I'm young enough to enjoy every minute I get to spend with our bright, beautiful, one year-old Sydney Jean.  Happy Birthday!


  1. What a cutie! And what a delight for you! (Confess -- you plan to have her typing by six, don't you?)

  2. what a great post Rochelle. Grandkiddies are the best and she is a doll!!!


  3. They really are and she is. Elizabeth's amazed at how fun it is to be a grandparent.