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Meghan Keenan of A Woman for Zachary by @AdrianaKraft #EroticRomance #Ménage #Polyamory


RW:   What’s your story/back story, Meg? Why would someone come up with a story about you?

MK:    Why? I have no clue. I’m bisexual, but so are lots of women, and I’m polyamorous, but I don’t think I’m all that unique. Maybe reading about me will help other women accept themselves if that’s the way they swing—I hope so. What’s my back story? I just turned twenty-one, and I’m a small-town Wisconsin girl trying to make it on Broadway.

RW:   Can you tell us about your hero or heroine?

MK:    LOL! In this book (well, in all the stories in my series) I have one of each! Zach’s my current main squeeze—probably three decades older than me, but what a guy! Then there’s Josie, my drama coach, who’s known Zach a long time; he brought me to her after he saw me at the Community Playhouse in my home town.

RW:   What problems do you have to face and overcome in your life?

MK:    That’s a curious question. My family didn’t have much when I was growing up, so just keeping my head above water financially was a problem until Zach found me. He’s sponsoring my theater studies in New York, and things are looking up. So, at this point I really don’t have any problems of my own—maybe that’s why I’m so willing to get involved in the problems of other people, like Zach and Josie.

RW:   Do you expect your hero and heroine to help, or are they the problem?

MK:    Actually, they are precisely the problem: they’ve been dancing around each other for ten years, and it doesn’t take an idiot to see there’s no reason for them not to be together. But getting them to recognize that? Like pulling teeth! Just between you and me, though, I’m having a lot of fun with each of them while I work through what to do next to fan their flames for each other. Right now, they’re having an argument about how to share me!

RW:   Where do you live?

MK:    Here in New York I have a cute two-bedroom walk-up apartment in Brooklyn, not far from the Brooklyn Gardens. I love my neighborhood—culturally diverse, safe (amazingly), full of unique cafes, boutiques, restaurants… I don’t need a car. I can get anywhere I need on the subway, so the whole city is my apple.

RW:   If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

MK:    Right now? I can’t imagine settling down any single place—my life is in front of me, and there’s so much to explore! I want to see the west, I’d like to go on tour with a Broadway play, maybe take a cruise someday, or find a summer theater some place I’m curious about. I do love New York, and even though I just barely got here, I suspect it will always pull me back. It’s where anything that matters in theater is happening, pretty much.

RW:       If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

MK:       That’s easy. Unsafe at any speed! Actually, I think I’m very safe, but I like to push boundaries. I’d never want to break up anyone else’s relationship, but when I find a relationship in trouble, my antennae go up for how to bring them together, and sometimes the people involved never know what hit them! So far I’ve never missed, though.

RW:       Satin, Egyptian cotton, jersey, flannel… What are your favorite sheets?

MK:       I’ve never had satin sheets, though I think maybe Josie does; everything she owns is top drawer. When I’m in her bed, though, I’m not exactly focused on the sheets…

I think when I’m more settled, I won’t care so much what my sheets are made of as I will that my bedroom looks inviting and is comfortable, a place for loving.

RW:       Hunky heroes or average Joe?

MK:       It’s the eyes. I mean, I like a nice body (male or female, don’t forget), and I’m probably not going to get too excited about someone who doesn’t take good care of their body, but what turns me on or off most is their eyes: Warm, inviting, open, honest, caring? I’m in. Their eyes will show me what they’re passionate about.

RW:       Party life or quiet dinner for two?

MK:       No need to choose—I love both (you had to know I’d swing both ways, right?). With the right person, a softly lit quiet dinner for two…or three, more likely. But sometimes the moment calls for a party, and I’m first in line for that, too.

RW:       What are you afraid of?

MK:       You would ask. I can’t see the future, but I’m sure someday I’ll want a special love (or loves) of my own, not just for the moment, but for the long haul—and deep down, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find someone who loves and accepts me the way I am and is willing to share me.

RW:       Thanks for speaking with me today. And I know you’ll find someone willing to love you, accept you, and share you. There are a lot of good poly people out there.

Adriana Kraft


We are a married couple writing sizzling romantic suspense and erotic romance for two, three, or more. With backgrounds in criminology and counseling, we combine our expertise in the criminal mind, trauma, healing, and human nature with a passion for robust sexuality and life-long vitality.

One man, one woman, danger and intrigue—always a happy ending, but oh, what a ride! Our romantic suspense line delivers “warmth, blazing hot sex, and well-developed characters” (Romance Junkies Reviews) as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.

A man, a woman (or two), or another man, threesomes, foursomes, what’s your fantasy? We write our erotic romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination.

A Woman for Zachary
(Meghan’s Playhouse, Book Two)

The Plot

It’s New York! Broadway beckons, but Meg has more fun keeping an erotic triangle going with her current flame, Zach Cullen, and her drama coach, Josie Patrice.

Zachary Cullen has ignored Josette Patrice’s overtures for years, but she agrees to take on his latest protégé-slash-arm-candy Meghan Keenan in her off-Broadway workshop theater. Though the girl has incredible talent, Josie would stake her reputation on that little thing being a switch-hitter, like herself, and she doesn’t want Zach to be duped. Josie sets out to seduce Meg and expose her for what she is, but all bets are off when Meg turns the tables on Josie to hook her up with Zach.

An Excerpt:

Josie was shaking her head back and forth before Zach finished speaking. “That’s not enough.”

Zach closed the distance between the two of them.
She pressed her back against the wall, and he placed his palms against it, framing her head. She licked her lips.

What was he doing? She’d imagined him being this close countless times but not in this way. Not in anger. Not struggling with his sense of fairness over sharing another woman. She kept her arms locked at her sides.

“That’s exactly what Meg said. What is enough? Do we draw lots for her?”

Josie shook her head.

“Maybe I can have her even days of the month, and you odd days.”

“That might work.” Josie could hardly breathe. Zach’s male scent was overpowering. She’d agree to almost anything, if he just stayed where he was.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting "Meg" today - this was a fun interview to do!

  2. I LOVE interviewing characters, and Meg was fun.

    Living in the sci-fi world, I know a few polyamorous people, and they're quite nice. One could actually be Meg, if she were a few years younger and not quite so introverted in the "mundane" world. Oh, and she's found her HEA. If you're reading this, love & hugs.

    But I digress. Thank Meg for coming by.

  3. What a fun interview :)

  4. So glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to my blog, Crystal! Thanks for dropping by.