Sunday, January 20, 2013

Preditors & Editors Awards—Rock Crazy Cover Art Makes Top Ten!

The Preditors & Editors Readers Polls are like the People’s Choice Awards of books.  Notice, I said books, not literature.  I don’t think there is a people’s award for literature.  Mark Twain once said, “The classics are books everyone wants to say they’ve read, but no one actually wants to read.”

That’s not what I want to write.  I don’t want kids a hundred years from now lamenting, “I’ve gotta read Weber this semester.”

“Aw, man, I had to read her last year.  Watch the holo and I’ll lend you my Cliff’s notes.”  Note to anyone who’s reading this while you’re still in school:  The movie version of The Grapes of Wrath stops about two-thirds of the way through the book.  I know it’s a tough read, but have tissue at the end.  I cried my eyes out.  It was even more powerful than Tom Joad’s soliloquy when he leaves the family.

I didn’t quite have the guts to nominate Rock Crazy itself.  I don’t know if people nominate their own books for the P&E awards.  It’s not like you pay a fee and send in your manuscript for this competition.  But I’ve always thought Delilah K. Stephans did an incredible job with my cover art and I was amazed none of the other MuseItUp authors had nominated her for their cover art this year, so I did.  Then I announced it on the Muse lists, Facebook and Twitter and kind of forgot about it.  So you can imagine my amazement when I opened the announcement from our Publisher, Lea Schizas, saying the cover art for Rock Crazy came in eighth!

So, congratulations, Delilah!  And thank you for such beautiful, award-winning cover art!

Length:  129 Pages
Price:  $5.50
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