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Meet Rhianna ab Brynn Ffrydd of the novel Heartsong by Allison Knight

Today I'm hosting Allison Knight as she interviews the heroine from "Heartsong" the first of her 'song' books. These Medieval Romances take place during the reign of Edward the First of England.

AK:  Hello there. Aren't you Rhianna ab Brynn Ffrydd of the novel Heartsong?

Rhianna:  Aye, I am she. And who might you be?
AK:  My name is Allison Knight. May I ask you some questions?

She nods her head and a lock of red-gold hair slips from her crispin to fall over her shoulder. Aye, I suppose so, but my little daughter will soon need my attention. I cannot tarry long.

AK:  I heard you were captured by an English Baron. It that the truth?
Rhianna:  Aye, he captured me. I thought my life had ended. You see, the English were terrible to my people. Do you know that in the battle with our Prince, they cut off his head and carried it to the king of England on a pike? I did not dare tell him I was related to the Prince. The English also killed the man I was to marry. All through Wales, they created destruction, raping and pillaging our people. Aye, I carried great fear for this baron. You can see why I feared for my life.

AK:  He held you captive?

Rhianna:  Aye, he did. Rhianna smiles However, he was not the evil man I thought. I did marry him.

AK:  Why did you think he was an evil man? Was he responsible for killing the man you were to marry?

Rhianna:  Nay, but his men killed my father.  'Twas an awful time. He said he intended to take me to his castle, Knockin, and he would use me as a man uses a woman—as if I was no more than the lowest servant. But, he did not take me to his bed. In fact, when the woman his sister wanted him to marry came to visit I acted a wanton, yet he did not bed me.

AK:  While you were at Knockin you were also named a witch. What happened?

Rhianna:  'Twas my doing. When first I was captured I cursed all the English. When my baron seemed to enjoy my company, his people said I cast a spell on him. They told his half-brother, Colvin who was a jealous man, and would do almost anything to hurt his half-brother. He claimed I had to be a witch, therefore I had to be punished. He knew such action would hurt his half-brother.

AK:  What happened?
Rhianna:  'Twas a terrifying time for me.  Colvin convinced the servants to say I cast spells, to offer proof to the priest judging me. I knew not what would happen when they came forward to name me a witch, to tell about the spells they said I cast. They were most convincing. I was condemned; my punishment—to be burned at the stake. On the day I was led to the pyre, my baron's friend, an abbot, stepped forward and proved I was not a witch. In fact he caught the soldier whose task was to light the wood. The soldier confessed, naming Colvin as the one who planned the deed. When a judgment of innocence came I collapsed. I cannot say what happened then.

AK:  How is your life now?

Rhianna beams. As I said, I married my baron.  I have a beautiful little girl. Our king has come to visit and all my brothers are now pledged to Edward. Arthur is  squire to our king's friend and will be soon be knighted.

AK:  All your brothers? How many do you have?
Rhianna:  There are five brothers. She giggles. Each of them carry a first name which starts with the letter 'a'. My father, who was called Alwyn Brynn Ffrydd wanted to call me Anna, but my mother said enough. She added the 'RHI' so I would not also bear a first name beginning with the letter 'a'.

AK:  So, what are they called?

Rhianna:  Angor is the oldest, then there is Alwyn (he bears our father's name), and Anwyl, Arvel and finally Arthur.

AK:  Where do you fit in?

Rhianna:  I am between Arvel and Arthur.

AK:  Do they all sing? I understand you have a fantastic voice.

Rhianna:  Aye, they are all musical, but 'tis truth that most of those with Welsh heritage sing. Oh, nay! Can you not hear an example of my daughter's Welsh heritage? The entire castle will hear her soon, so I must tend to her now. I bid you good day.

About Allison Knight

Award winning author, Allison Knight began her writing career like many other authors. She read a book she didn’t like and knew she could do a better job. Since that time, Allison has written and published seventeen romances for both paperback and digital publishers. Her third medieval romance from her 'song' series is at the publisher awaiting approval. A digital short story is scheduled for release in December 2011.

Because she loves to share her knowledge and her love of romance novels she often blogs with other authors. She also loves to talk about the growing digital market.

You can find her at:
She blogs once a month for The Writers' Vineyard,

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