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@MageelaTroche Author of The Marriage Alliance #Highlander, #Laird, #ScottishHistoricalRomance

I’d like to welcome Mageela Troche, author of The Marriage Alliance to my blog today.

RW:      Tell us about yourself, your family, where you live, etc.

MT:       Where do I begin? I’m an Air Force brat who now lives in New York City. I’m the proud owner of a black-mask lovebird named Boobula. He has a lot of personality. That’s a nice way of saying he’s a stubborn bird, but he’s too cute so I don’t mind.

RW:       How many hours a day do you spend writing?

MT:        If I had to count, I would put that number around six hours. I don’t really count. I like to write until my mind has turned to jelly and can’t think of anything else to write.

RW:       Why did you decide to write? When did you submit your first manuscript and what genre was it?

MT:        I have always constructed stories. Even as a child of four or five, I can remember weaving stories in my head. But for college, I thought I had to study (International Relations by the way) something so I could get a job. But I was reading a book by Rachel Gibson. The novel was such fun that I didn’t want it to end so I decided to write. Funny, though, I write historical romance not contemporary.

My first manuscript submission was Western and I submitted it to Grand Central. I received positive rejections—yes, they do exist. I have a few.

RW:      Has your life changed since you became a writer? What’s the best thing about being a writer?

MT:        My life hasn’t really changed. It has been the same, but my outlook on writing has changed. I see writing not as something that happens when the Muse visits but a job that needs doing every day.

And the best thing is sharing all these stories that race through my head.

RW:       Who are your favorite authors? Who influenced your writing?

MT:      Favorite authors: I love Edith Wharton and Jane Austen. Favorite authors are not really my thing—I’m more of a favorite book person. I don’t think any particular author has influenced my work but various books have. The Age of Innocence, Pride and Prejudice and so many romance novels have help create my style.

RW:       Who are your favorite characters among the books you’ve written?

MT:       I love Lachlan. Readers will meet him in The Marriage Alliance.

RW:      What makes a good book? A great romance? Is humor important in fiction and why?

MT:        For me a great book is one that stirs you whether it’s emotions or your thoughts. It has to stay with you, and that can be done either by making me as a reader laugh, cry, feel scared, or think. Those types of books end up on the keeper shelf.

RW:       How much does reader feedback matter to you? Do your fans’ comments and letters influence you in any way? Do you have a favorite comment or question from a reader?

MT:       I love reader feedback. I received a fan letter and kept it. Actually, we’ve become friends.

RW:    Bubble baths or steamy showers? Ocean or mountains? Puppies or kittens? Chocolate or caramel?

MT:        Bubble bath. Ocean. Puppies. Chocolate.

RW:      Satin, Egyptian cotton, jersey, flannel… What are your favorite sheets?

MT:        I had satin sheets once and slipped and slid all over the place. I have to say Egyptian cotton—smooth and cool.

RW:       Those are all the questions I have for you. Thank you for speaking to me.

MT:        Thank you for having me here.

The Marriage Alliance

The Plot

Her hand in marriage could secure peace and safety for those she longs to protect.

Lady Ailsa Cameron is not the most patient of souls. She has even slept through a few high masses. Still, this gentle lass never did anything wicked enough to deserve her father’s pronouncement that she must wed the dread Black Duncan, Laird of Clan MacLean.

As leader of the Spartans of the North, Duncan MacLean has inspired many a gruesome tale throughout the majestic highlands and beyond. Duncan accepts Laird Cameron’s offer of his daughter’s hand in marriage and pledges to make war against their shared enemy, Clan MacKinnon.

Duncan aches to possess his ravishing bride as passionately as he vows never to lower his defenses again. Love blooms between them nonetheless, until betrayal incites a war. Clan MacLean is in danger as are Ailsa and Duncan—but the thing in most peril is their love.

Can past enemies become lovers at last? Or will the flame in their hearts be consumed by the fires of war?

An Excerpt:

He clamped his arm upon her shoulder and dragged her through the yawning crowd. For his every step, she skipped to match his sweeping stride and if by chance she fell, he was bound to drag her behind him.

If her arm wasn’t ripped from her body.

His arm weighed her down. She felt she was shouldering a small horse or at the very least a pony. Ailsa attempted to shrug him off but her shoulder never budged. The man was as dense as his muscles.

“Duncan, your arm is too heavy.”

He slipped it off and placed his large hand on the small of her back. His fingertips grazed the curve of her buttocks. Tingles raced up her spine. The firm pressure sparked conflicting sensations through her. Should she be outraged or resigned that this was her husband or should her body relax and luxuriate in his tender touch? Whatever her body may do, she was thankful for his support. She was light-headed and knew she would trip. She took another step and his fingertips grazed the dip of her buttocks. She stiffened. “It’s because you’re puny.”

She glared. “I am feminine and since I am a female, ‘tis only proper.”

He shrugged his indifference. “MacLean women are bigger.”

With a saccharine smile matching her voice, she said, “Sadly, I didn’t feast on human flesh as a babe.”

“You are daft.”

She sputtered. “How can you say that when you’ve known me for less than an hour?”

He grunted this time. “In that short of a time, nothing but daft notions passed your lips.” The brute halted at the donjon’s stairs, long enough for Ailsa to suck in a breath before he tugged her up the stone steps. For the first time, she faced the clan as their Lairdess. The clan gawked at [her]. “My woman.”

“I do have a fine name,” she muttered to herself.

“I know, Ailsa and you’re still mine,” he whispered, having heard her over the clamor of his kinsmen. His breath tickled the tender skin and sent a shiver down to her toes. She should be insulted but hearing her name spoken as soft as an endearment wiped away her ire. For now.

Mid-stride into the donjon, her father halted her gripping her forearm. “Laird MacLean, we must depart.”

She lifted her chin at his insult. Honestly, Ailsa expected no different but had hoped…foolishly.

Duncan’s face blanked, banishing his rascally quality. Ailsa understood how he inspired fear and terror in so many. She prayed never to receive such a fierce look from him. “Then go.”

The bite in his voice chilled her but her father deserved it. Duncan turned away and led her into the inner sanctions of the donjon.

“I must say farewell.”

“Nay, you do not but if you wish, be quick.” He dropped her arm and went to the two men standing in the shadow of the entrance.

As she whirled about, his grim voice reached her. “Follow that bastard until he’s off MacLean land. Never trust a Cameron.”

The hollow hope for happiness that had started to build collapsed. What did her life hold if she never had his trust? The same life she had before except now she was married.

Mageela Troche


An Air Force brat, Mageela Troche has lived throughout the world and then landed in New York City. She wanted to leave the same day she arrived. Yet, with her stubbornness, Mageela learned to like the place, and the libraries were the main reasons. Since she was a little girl, Mageela wanted to be an author and an actress. However, once in college, Mageela changed her life plan in the pursuit of money. After all, college loans must be repaid. At Syracuse University, she studied International Relations and Geography with plans to make the world a better place.

But after a tragic life event, Mageela put those plans aside and returned to New York City where she tried to find her way through life. After studying fashion design and working at various jobs, she decided to take a risk and do what she truly desired all her life–writing.

Mageela returned to writing and focused on the romance genre. Her first break came when she sold a short story to a magazine. She sold two more before the publication of her historical romance novel, The Marriage Alliance. She has gone on to write four more novels and a novella.

Mageela is currently writing in the cramped corner of her Big Apple apartment. She is the proud owner of a Black-masked lovebird named Boobula. She loves to hear from her readers and can be found online.

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