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Reviews! No Brag; Just Fact

I received an e-mail from a fellow author last week saying she was having difficulty posting a review of my second book, Rock Crazy on Amazon.  A few hours later she let me know she’d solved the problem and her review had gone live.  When I went over to read it, I found another review there by someone else whose writing I greatly admire and burst into tears.  Both were glowing five-star reviews!  I’ve since updated my Google Alerts so I don’t miss any more new ones.

Do reviews help to sell books?  I write reviews, and according to Amazon, over one hundred people have said my reviews helped influenced their buying decisions, so yeah, I guess so.  I think it also depends on how you use reviews.

When you get a new review it helps to Facebook and Tweet it, blog about it, and go ahead—brag about it!  I carry business cards with my cover art on one side, and my tag-line and buy-link on the back.  This week, I printed out quotes from my reviews and showed them to people.  When they asked where they could buy the book, I was ready with my card.  A friend used to say, “No brag; just fact.”  I hesitate to tell people I’m a good writer.  I’m willing to say I don’t suck.  I can say, “I get good reviews.”

Here are some quotes.  I’ve added the URLs so you can read the full reviews at their websites.

Rock Bound:  Book One of the Moon Rock Series

4 Stars  Beverly Stowe McClure, Amazon  Life on the Moon  December 28, 2011

I've never thought much about what life on the moon would be like. The author, however, paints a vivid picture of the hardships and trials the prisoners face in their new world. … The author goes into great detail about what the characters must do to survive on the moon. It's fascinating. How much of the facts are accurate I do not know, but Ms. Weber has written a story that held my attention. I think you will enjoy it, as well.

4 Stars  Kurt Adams, Amazon  An Interesting Read  May 11, 2010

This was a good story and ended up being one of those books I just could not put down. Although I did find parts of it disturbing to me I find myself hoping that there will be additional efforts by Rochelle Weber. There is certainly the potential for this to be an ongoing story even though it stands well by itself.

4 Hearts, Love Romances & More, June 18, 2009

Rock Bound is a different story for me to read and I highly enjoyed every minute of it. Ms. Weber is a wonderful storyteller and definitely delivers a story that you get engrossed in to the degree that I forgot the time or that dinner needed to be done. … Ms. Weber definitely captures the readers’ attention with her multifaceted characters and strong plot that weaves itself around the reader with each page.
You can read the entire review at:  Love Romances & More Reviews.

4 Books, The Long and Short Reviews, February 22, 2009

"Ms. Weber introduces us to her hero and heroine amid total chaos, which she handles well. ... I recommend this fascinating story to any and all of you out there who enjoy a good old fashioned sci-fi/fantasy. It was an enjoyable read with great characters and a solid plot.  The Long and Short Reviews

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Rock Crazy:  Book Two of the Moon Rock Series

Abandoned, pregnant, and bi-polar, Katie McGowan’s going crazy on that God-forsaken rock, the Moon!

Rock Crazy Review Quotes  (All on Amazon)

5 Stars, “What a Story!” Penny Estelle, Author of At What Price?  February 19, 2013

Ms. Weber shows emotions and conflicts of one dealing with bi-polar disease. She does it in such a way, I felt sympathy and outrage for Katie and those she deals with. This author also does an unbelievable job spinning a tale of life on the moon and how folks live and survive. What an imagination!

5 Stars, “An Enlightening and Entertaining Read”  Rosalie Skinner, Author of The Chronicles of Caleath,  February 5, 2013

Rochelle Weber succeeds in spinning an entertaining yarn, in an alien environment, while really giving an insight into a debilitating condition. … The moon setting feels believable, although completely alien. To weave such a compelling tale in such an interesting environment is achieved with great writing and a well-paced and gripping story.

5 Stars, “Not Just Sci-Fi”  Gale Brennan, Author of the War ‘n Wit series and the Dark Series, November 25, 2012

[Katie McGowan’s] a woman battling the personal demon of Bi-polar Disorder while pregnant and unable to rely on the meds that to some extent, allow her to function at least semi-normally. And it's that battle that sets this book apart, the description of the personal battle to birth a healthy baby, to do whatever it takes to see that baby born that will tear at your heart. Because you don't just read it. You feel it.

5 Stars, “Enjoyable and Enlightening”  Michelle Pickett, Author of Concilium,
October 22, 2012

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