Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday – Rock Bound

The following passage is from the second chapter of my first book, Rock Bound, which is available in both paperback and multiple e-book formats. I have not included a blurb since the trailer is just above on the left.  Hope you enjoy both the trailer and my six sentences.

Annie Peterson and her friend Crystal Petrie survived the chaos at the protest against the dictator who has taken over the United States.  Troops arrested them and they’ve arrived at the Armory in Washington, DC, where the Marines are processing the prisoners.

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“Put everything in these boxes,” a tough-looking female Marine Sergeant told the women. “All yer jewelry, too.” …
The [first] woman emptied her pockets into the box and began to walk through the metal detector. “Yer still wearin’ jewelry,” the Sergeant chided her.
“These are my wedding rings!”
[The Sergeant] grabbed the woman’s hand, pulled out a vibro-blade, and sliced off the woman’s finger.

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