Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentences from Rock Crazy

What do you do during National Novel Writing Month when you realize you had a blog guest scheduled for Sunday but you completely forgot to remind her about it until five p.m. on Saturday?  Apologize profusely and give her the option of rescheduling.  What do you do at two a.m. on Sunday when you have to scramble for something to fill the gap?  Six Sentence Sunday!

So, here are six sentences from my current release, Rock Crazy.  Scott McGowan is at his wit’s end with his wife, Katie’s bi-polar disorder.  He’s brought her to Rockton on the Moon where he plans to divorce her in a tough-love move to convince her to have a chip implanted in her brain that will regulate the chemicals that control her moods.  He came home from work and made a snarky comment about her hairstyle meant to be a joke, but Katie has taken it wrong…

She went off on him.  She screamed, shouted, and tried to rage around the room, but she wasn’t used to the lower gravity, and she bounced off a wall and ended up on her butt.  In fact, she fell slowly, but then she bounced again when she hit the floor. She came back down still in that maddening slow-motion, spluttering and throwing her same arm out to break her fall. Fortunately, she landed softly enough to prevent any more damage to her wrist.
Falling in slo-mo tends to put a real damper on one’s temper.

Rock Crazy, available at MuseItUp Publishing.

Price:  $5.50

Don’t forget to check out my review of Shadows Steal the Light by Christine London next door at Rochelle’s Reviews.  Here’s the link.  My blog tour ends tomorrow on the fourteenth at Long and Short Reviews, and then I’ll be choosing a winner!  The link is in the list on the left sidebar.  One lucky person will be able to choose a signed copy of Rock Bound or a Rock Crazy mug or tee shirt.

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