Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scooby Doo Meets NASCAR and I Play Gunga Din

Christine and Elizabeth
These photos must have been early in the day before people started arriving.
Last weekend (June 4, 2011), I had more fun with my daughter, Elizabeth’s job at the Volo Auto Museum  I spent Saturday playing Gunga Din to the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine crew.  They were at the Chicagoland Speedway for a NASCAR race.  My younger daughter, Christine is a huge NASCAR fan, so Elizabeth of course asked her for assistance.  There were four passes, so it was Elizabeth and her boyfriend Marshall, Christine and her best friend Anita.
Anita, Elizabeth and Christine
 They didn't think to take food and drink when they left home at five a.m., so when they got down there and discovered hot dogs were $10 a piece they called me for an emergency food/drink run, which took all day, part of which I spent driving around in circles outside the parking lot trying to find "Gate 4."  No one knew where it was.  If the kids had said they were outside the main gate, I'd have had no trouble finding them.  That's where I finally gave up and went.  And sat through a horrible, blinding downpour with hail.  When it cleared up, I could see the Scooby Doo van just beyond the Programs booth.

 Elizabeth and Marshall

We could have stayed and hung out with the kids--maybe even have seen the races, but I hadn't brought all the grandkids--just my grandson, Alex and Anita's son, Dusty to help carry the heavy cooler.  My granddaughters were home and I wanted to spend time with them, too.  So, I left immediately and couldn't get out of the place.  There was a barricade and a cop there.

Anyone familiar with the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham will appreciate this.  Here’s a snippet of his genius and what was going through my head that day. There are some bleeps in this You Tube clip, but it’ll help you understand my conversation with this cop.  Mind you, we were in Joliet, IL, about 50 miles south of Chicago and I live near Fox Lake, about 50 miles north of Chicago.  Here’s a link to Jeff Dunham and Sweet Daddy D talking about NASCAR, followed by my own conversation with the cop who finally told me how to get out of the parking lot after I made my delivery.

"I've been driving around in circles for half an hour making nothing but left turns.  How do I get out of here, Officer?"

The officer's lips twitch toward a smile. "Where're you trying to go, Ma'am?"

"Fox Lake."

He's trying to keep a straight face.
"You turn around and go down to the other end of the stadium--"

"Aw me-ann.  ANOTHER left turn?"

Poor guy's trying to keep it together while he gives me instructions. "Yes, Ma'am.  Then at the end, you turn right and, and at the light you turn right again and go straight back to the Interstate.

"I finally get to make a RIGHT turn?  Yay!"

He was in full, gut-shaking belly laughter when I drove away.  I hope I lightened his day.  I overshot the Interstate entrance and got lost once more before I got on and headed north, but I finally got home and watched a movie with my granddaugthers.

The kids arrived home from the races around one a.m.  There was a band there I've never heard of.  Puddle of Mud?  Several people were jealous that Elizabeth took the van down there when they heard about the band.  Perks of the job.

If you're in the Chicago area, come on up and see us.  We have the Doc Hudson from the movie CARS, and on July 3, George Barris, the Hollywood auto magician will unveil Lightening McQueen.  Elizabeth's bosses are our landlords, so we live right here.  Our backyard abuts the rear of the museum.  There's always something going on!

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