Sunday, March 06, 2011

Book Review Forever With You by L. J. Holmes

Forever With You by L. J. Holmes is a book that will engage you at the beginning and keep you wondering until the surprise ending.
When she suddenly becomes wealthy, Coryne, an attorney uses her money to represent battered women and their children for free. She also builds her dream home, reluctantly hiring Keith Patterson’s construction company. She buys a tiny camper trailer and parks it on the property to personally ensure the work is done to her exacting specifications and promptly on time. Despite major barriers, she’s irresistibly drawn to Keith’s surfer-boy good looks, which invade her dreams—both waking and sleeping. And, she can tell he is just as interested in her.
This short story is only nineteen pages long, but those pages will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering why Coryne is so resistant to Keith’s charm and availability and how he will break down her walls. I highly recommend this entertaining and surprising read.

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