Tuesday, February 22, 2011

E-Books Have Arrived

Forget the NY Times Best Seller List or industry predictions. E-Books have made it! Ever since I first started writing, my sister and brother-in-law have been asking when my first book, Rock Bound, would come out in print. When I signed my contract with MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. for Rock Crazy, they asked whether it would be out in print. This evening, I visited them. Earlier this month they turned 75 and 78 respectively, but we got snowed in so I finally got around to taking their birthday cake over to them.

I took along the galley proof of the paperback version of Rock Bound and the Kindle my younger daughter gave me as a belated b-day gift when her taxes came in. A friend of my brother-in-law recently got one, so he was familiar with the fact that it holds thousands of books at once, and how easy it is to order them. I told them you could also load MP3s on it and listen to music or books on tape and showed them how you can change the font if you need to make it bigger, and how it keeps your page when you turn it off. I couldn’t believe my ears when he mentioned it saves trees.

My sister had a stroke about six years ago that affected her right hand and arm, and she loves to read, but library books are heavy and a Kindle is not only lighter, you don’t have to hold it open and changing pages is much easier for a stroke victim. I should have taken along the plate holder I use to prop mine up when I’m eating out. You know—the kind you can buy at Wal-Mart or a craft store to display collector plates. It works great.

So, they nodded politely when I showed them the paperback galley of Rock Bound, and now they’re asking if my books will be on Kindle. E-books have truly arrived!


  1. Awesome news. My Kindle changed my opinion of eBooks entirely. I still prefer printed books, but having electronic version of books to review lets me have as many books as I want without cluttering up my office.

    Congratulations on your book.


  2. It's so great to hear more and more people coming on board with ebooks. Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck with your new book!