Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Internet Freedom

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor, Professional Grandmother Freedom of speech on the internet is as vital as freedom of speech on the street. Please do not allow Big Business to turn the Internet Highway into a toll road upon which only the very wealthy can afford to travel.

As am a first-time author, about to be published by a brand-new e-book publisher, I am very excited about the possibilities of e-publishing. If we had to pay for preferred space on the internet in order to reach our readers, we could not do business. The costs of paper, ink, equipment, transportation, warehousing and the overhead at stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble has made getting published in print an extremely difficult prospect. The internet IS the future of publishing--as long as access remains free.

Actress Alyssa Milano discussed this topic in her blog, which included a link to Move On, a grassroots organization that offers opportunities to speak out on subjects such as this. The Bush Administration and their cronies in Congress are trying to remove our fundamental human rights, including the right of free speech. It is vital that we do everything we can to stop them. So, please go to this link: and sign the petition. Let Congress know that it is vital to maintain free access to the Information Superhighway.

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