Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Polyamory Dilemma

Did anyone happen to see Boston Legal tonight? They featured a V family--one husband, two wives. The husband was arrested for polygamy and the law firm was defending him. I really appreciated the wife who said that when she was too exhausted for sex she would send her husband to his other wife. It was so cool to hear someone say "I'm poly because I'm NOT horny." The woman on the program was exhausted from riding herd on the kids, whereas I suffer from a variety of ailments which, along with the meds I take to control them, have killed my libido.

At any rate, on this program they quoted divorce statistics and spoke about the fact that the family's poly arrangement worked. In the end, the people had to get divorced in order to stay together and keep the husband out of jail--which is the dilemma in which many poly people find ourselves. We can't be married in the eyes of the law to more than one person.

Yet the litter of monogamous marriages is strewn across the landscape of our lives. My daughter and grandkids are typical. My daughter has been married twice. She had two children with her first husband and one with her second. She is now engaged again (this time to a keeper) and he has a baby from a previous relationship. So, let's break it down:

Alex and Beth have: a father, a mother a step-mother, a current step-father and an ex-step-father.
Presley has: a father, a mother a step-father and a step-mother
Abby has: a father, a mother and a step-mother, as well as a variety of
Mom's boyfriends.

So, these four kids have had a total of ten parents so far, as well as various
girlfriends and boyfriends of their parents along the way. I didn't even try to count all of the grandparents and ex-granparents these kids have had. And this is a typical "monogamous" family. When are people going to wake up and realize that whatever works for the individuals involved is best and that our marriage laws are antiquated? Instead of penalizing people for finding paradigms that work, we should commend or at the very least support them. So I say, viva le poly difference!

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